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We partner with some of the best technology companies in the Big Data & Analytics domain and bring those technologies to table to help the organizations build their Data Analytics platforms

Palila Software deals with unique companies with unique data every day. We specialize in analyzing patterns in what can seem to be a heap of numbers. By finding impactful trends in your data we can begin developing a strategic plan that will aid faster business growth.

Many businesses collect vast amounts of useful information without knowing it or having the resources to analyze it. Palila Software can help turn that data into a strategic asset for your business. Learn more about us below or take the next steps to put your data to work for you by contacting Palila Software.

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Palila Software is a Business Analytics and Big Data company. We help businesses make strategic decisions using the data generated by the business. Businesses can leverage our experience in Data Analytics in building on premise or cloud based solutions.

Our mission is to help our clients to use the data effectively in making strategic decisions. In this journey, we support our clients at every step, from gathering, analyzing, and visualizing data and ultimately making those strategic business decisions with confidence.

Data at Rest / Motion

We can help clients build tools to analyze the data that is either at rest (in a traditional data warehouse) or in motion (using Streaming Analytics Techniques).
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Big Data Characteristics

Whether your business is small or big, irrespective of the size of your data, we can show you how to use your data in making better decisions by building the analytics that best suit your business.

You can review our case studies that utilize the different volumes of data: Weather Analytics, US Unemployment Statistics.

We Build Different Analytics Platforms

Based on the client's needs, we can recommend and build the analytics platform that leverages the different techniques, be it traditional Descriptive Analytics or advanced Predictive or Cognitive Analytics.

Take a look at our services to see what we offer, or feel free to contact us for more information about what solutions are available for your data.

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